MissFitFactory TV: Cougar Town Season 1 has Ended

The first season of Cougar Town is finished and I am ACHING for more episodes! Contrary to the title, the TV show does NOT revolve around cougar-ish acts. In fact, the cougar idea lingers around the first few episodes and then Jules (played by Courtney Cox) starts dating men her age. Barbs still gives a few Cougar jokes every now and then but they are minimal and they are just enough to add some more color to the already zany splash of colors the show has.

So what do you get when you subtract the Cougar from the Cougar Town? Still a ton of awesome! You get the quick-fire crazy type of humor that Scrubs is famous for (Cougar Town was made by the same makers of Scrubs). You get a fantastic comedy with a fantastic cast, each of whom have their own brand of humor (from the smug guy to the ditsy party girl) that just really well with the dynamics of the rest! The cast has become this one great close gang (The Cul de Sac crew), and you cannot get enough of the relationships they have with one another.

You also get the occassional “aww” teary moments, most of which are courtesy of Travis Cobb (played by Dan Byrd), the son of Jules, the youngest lead character in the story who, by no means, pales in comparison to the rest of the characters of the show in terms of comedic timing. Every now and then, you are reminded of just how much Travis loves his parents, despite how dysfunctional they usually are – chasing after red balloons, driving in golf carts, etc.

You also watch the inherent differences between females and males, and how they cope with the quirks of the opposite sex. Like how males use a defense mechanism against females when they lash out.

Ultimately, this show is about friendship and the fun, love, and kookiness that comes with it. The beach scene of the last episode is testament to that (I confess I got a tad teary-eyed, especially knowing I have to wait a couple of months for Cougar Town Season 2!). It is an absolutely fun ride watching episode after episode, and I suggest you try it out if you haven’t yet!

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