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Run the Red Light ~ MissFitFactory Reco

I’ve been racking my brains out thinking of what to post for my own first article when I happened to come across this Facebook ad with a catchy caption that goes something like this (not in the exact words): “If you like Silverchair, you’ll like us for sure”. Silverchair, eh? It was definitely enough motivation for me to click on the ad.

Minutes later, I am led to the Bandcamp profile of a Vancouver band by the name of Run the Red Light, listening to all their songs, and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.

I’m not quite sure if their songs are reminiscent enough of the genius music that Daniel Johns and company have delighted their fans with since the 1990’s but it doesn’t really matter. Run the Red Light stands on its own. Their music is a combination of several different bands out there and the singer’s voice is compelling enough for you to continue through all the tracks. I believe his voice is showcased best in their song, “Too Far”, but I also liked the deep voice he had when he sang “Brave New World” (which also happens to be my fave song of theirs so far). I’m amazed that both songs were sung by the same singer.

I also extremely appreciate the fact that almost every song brought out a different vibe, feel, sound effect magic, and vocal range/style.

Give their songs a try right here – Run the Red Light Bandcamp and support them by telling all your friends about them why doncha!

You can also listen here:

<a href="http://runtheredlight.bandcamp.com/album/run-the-red-light-ep">Miracle by Run The Red Light</a>

~ Zen, MissFitFactory.com